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Bayeswater News - January 2007

Jan 15,2007

I was asked, by a lot of people, to get a Bayeswater website up and running.  Since then, I’ve been asked to keep it up to date so I’m going to endeavour to make a weekly report so that you can be in touch with your fishing.  I would appreciate some photos, though.

Around Christmas time, there were quite a few fish caught.  The best I know of was a 23lb mirror caught by Keiron Sleep, a new personal best.  Well don, mate!

Gary Tudor caught a 20lbs 12oz common and a 15lbs plus mirror on the 8th January 2007.  He only fished a short day session.  I had an hour or so, caught one and lost one, on swimfeeder maggots, really targeting the roach and rudd.

I went back on New Year’s Eve and had a proper go, using flavoured maggots, catching three tench and eleven carp to 15lbs 12oz.  On New Year’s Day, I caught ten carp to 17lbs - again on the maggots.  Both sessions were around six hours, not bad, was it - 21 carp in 12 hours, plus four tench?  Hectic!

James Allen fished a night, using maggots, and caught eight fish to 15lbs.  Incidentally, he caught the 15lbs fish straight away and then couldn’t get another bite until he flavoured his maggots.  Like me, he used a blend of 2/3 Scopex No 1 to 1/3 Intense Sweetener, applying about 5ml per pint of maggots.  Almost any flavour will work but use water soluble, not oily flavours.

I’m going to have another go on Saturday 20th Jan, trying to catch more than eleven fish in a day.  I can’t wait.  I makes a real change for me to catch a few fish as I usually fish very difficult waters.


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