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Syndicate Update - August 2008

Aug 19,2008

It's been a while since I did a report on the Syndicate lake.  There hasn't been all that many people fishing it really, which in some ways is good but in others is bad.
While it's being left alone the fish are happily growing on and have had plenty of time to recover from spawning so that's the good side.  With no one fishing it though we don't have much idea just how well they are doing so it's a kind of catch 22 situation.
There has been a few sessions fished.  About 6 weeks ago 5 members fished over the weekend.  This coincided with my first weekend go on there.  I lost one about 25 after playing it all the way into the margins, Tristian had lost one the night before, Paul had an 18 pounder as did Steve and Tony lost one on Sunday morning.  Paul's fish had definitely been spawning recently.  I thought that was a bit late for spawning but 3 weeks later I did a mid week night and found fresh spawn in the weed in about 6 foot of water, so they had spawned again.  That's the trouble with not fishing the lake regularly, it's not being watched enough.  The odd walk round isn't enough to see exactly what's going on.  I thought they were over spawning but I was obviously wrong.
Gary BayesI fished again, the weekend before I went to Spain and managed to finally catch one, a maniac fighter that took me down the bank almost into someone else's rods.  It then went half way back to where it was first hooked and just when I thought I had won it weeded itself solid.  I've got two rescue boats on the lake so I had to prop the rod up on one of the trees, with a tight'ish clutch and traipse round to unlock and row the boat back.  Once I was back to the rod I loaded the net on and pulled myself out to the fish.  It always amazes me how easy it is to pop a fish out of weed once you are over the top of them.  The tight'ish clutch while collecting the boat helps to stop them burrowing in deeper and the constant preasure pulling the boat and angler to the fish is another form of control.  I've never been a beleiver of allowing slack line to weeded fish, I find they take advantage and usually bury themselfs in deeper.  Any way, the fish popped straight out of the weed as soon as I was over it and proceeded to give nearly as good account of itself as it did when I was fighting it from the bank, but finally it was netted.  With the net hanging in the water and me sat firmly on the other end of the pole I rowed back to shore.  I usually have a motor on the boat and an un-hooking mat in it but on such a small lake it's not really needed.  Just to head back to the nearest bit of bank is enough.  The net can then be propped up in the water and un-hooking mats etc can be collected from the swim.
The fish weighed in at 26lb and is a very special fish to me, my first good one from my lake.  It's given me the bug to fish it a bit more now, a nice 30 or two would be nice now.  The same day Steve Finch had 3x 20's and a 30.  Well done Steve, that's a good catch from anywhere.  The 30 is one that was out in the spring at 31 so they are putting the weight back on nicely.
Steve landed all of his fish from the bank.  Although the weed is a bit thick in most areas it isn't hard to find good spots to present baits to.  I plumbed about to place my 4 rods, Steve simply leaded about to find his hot spot.  The boats are there in case you do get a fish weeded, but please don't let the excitement of the moment dull your senses and remember to put your life jacket on every time.  There is no oars left at the lake so also take one with you.  It does get windy there so make it a good one. 
Since my last trip I think there has been a few fish out, I know Greg, from work had 7 takes landing 5 of them including 3x 20's to 24.14 and Ron had a 19 or a 29, Greg cant remember which, (well done Greg) I'll let you know when I contact Ron.


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