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Day Ticket Delight

Jun 26,2008

There's been a few difficult days on the day ticket lake lately, possibly due to the weather conditions. There has still been quiet a few fish out though that I have heard about through the grapevine.  Some days have been what I class as good feeding conditions some have been just horrible.  Even so I feel there should be some feeding fish about at any time of day.
I keep ramping on about fishing in the margin, especially on the bright clear days when in the middle of the day the fish are likely to be in the middle layers of the water depth.
Generally high air pressure means they will be feeding less or at least not on the bottom in 8-10 foot which is the average depth of the day ticket lake.  Therefore a zig rig at about 5-6 foot is a good bet, so is a bait in about 5-6 foot on the marginal slope.
I don't ever look at the barometer as I leave the house so I simply read the conditions when I get there.  Its not an exact science by any means but with up to 4 rods I can try a few things, which is what I did last Sunday.
Anne's First FishAnne came with me so we went shopping on the way to the lake.  When we finally got to Bayeswater we had a walk round, a chat to some of the syndicate lads, took some photo's of a syndicate fish for one or them, planted some plants on the pylon point, emptied the weed out of the boat and finally got the tackle round to the right hand side near the spinney.  We had left the house at around mid day and the first rod didn't get cast out till about 4pm.
As I was pushing the barrow round I noticed a muddy, coloured area spreading out from the reedy corner so immediately popped a method mix rod in there, in approx 4 foot of water, 10 foot of the bank.  The next rod was a chod rig, again in the margin, with a little bit of method mix on the lead.  The other 2 rods were cast under the pylon wires as there was fish showing out there, one method mix and one chod rig.  About 100x 15mm free offerings were catapulted in the general area.
We only just had time to get sorted out and the first rod was away, the culprit being Anne's mirror in the picture of about 13-14 lb. Half an hour later the same rods away again, another mirror.  In the mean time we were getting a few knocks on all the other rods which I assumed were fish catching the line as they were moving about in the upper layers because I couldn't get a take. The margin chod rig kept getting pulled about a bit so I swapped it with the other method mix rod, as I was convinced it was something picking the bait up.  The chod was replaced with a zig rig and cast back under the pylon wires.

Anne's second fish is on
After the first two quick fish it seemed we went ages without any action, in reality it was possibly only 45 mins but then we are very impatient.  So I re-cast the action rod a little further out into about 6 foot of water on the assumption the fish had moved down the slope a bit.  Ten mins later it was of, my turn this time and a nice little mirror was banked.  Ten mins after that and we had another.  The second margin rod still had not produced so I put that a bit further out and in no time at all Anne had a Tench, possibly the culprits of all the knocks and pulls on the chod rig that was earlier on that spot.  Anne had 2 more Tench of the same spot.

My First Fish
The carp were now eluding us, I was a bit busy raking weed out of the shallows and Anne had a kip so we were not exactly fishing to hard by now, about 7pm.  I came back and we re-cast all the rods into different positions which produced one more carp take which I lost at the net, it was the old fishing tale as well, the biggest one of the day, got off !!!!!!!

Anne Kipping
We only stopped about one cup of coffee longer, I was soaked from going in one step to far in my chest waders, Anne was tired and to be honest we had caught enough, 4 Carp, 3 Tench isn't a bad few hours.  Shopping, planting, weeding, chatting, etc etc it had been a busy time.
We had all of the takes in between 4-6 foot down the slope in the margin.  All on the method mix, fishing very slack lines so as to not scare the fish.  We was also very quiet and kept well back away from the two margin rods.  I am sure this makes all the difference, especially when margin fishing.

Weeding The Shallows

The Lake Is Evolving

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