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To Net, Or Not To Net....

Jun 06,2008

The mail from Alan below is the second reported brace of twenties I've had in the last two weeks. This is after the fish have lost a lot of weight from all the spawning that they were doing a few weeks ago.  A 25 lb fish can temporarily loose as much as 5 lb after spawning which could mean that a catch such as Alan's could include 3 or even 4 twenties in a month or two.

Certainly the average weight of the Bayeswater carp is rising steadily.

I am in a bit of a dilemma at the moment and am going to throw it back at you the members; I am seriously considering a netting next December to remove as many small Roach, Rudd, Perch and Tench as possible.  Any of these species under 12 ounces will be moved to leave room for better growth of the fish that are left. I also want to remove as many of the home bred carp, under 6 lb as possible, again this will let the rest surge on to higher weights.

As you can see by Alan's report, this will not of effected his catch in any way, even if I had done this last December as I had planned, except his fish would have been a bit bigger.

E mail me - gary@bayeswaterfishing.co.uk - and let us know your thoughts on this.  I will post the on going votes on the rotating news report at the top of the opening Bayeswater web page.  Write as much as you like, any questions will be answered but please also at the bottom of your mail put the date, your name, member number and net or don't net.  I will be able to copy and paste this easily to add it to the list.

It isn't often you get a chance to have your say on how your own pleasure is run so please don't sit back and say nothing.  One vote per person please.  Here's my view:

05/06/08 Gary Bayes, 0001, net.

I've included Alan's mail and catch report as I am extremely pleased to see such a good session so obviously enjoyed.



Dear Gary

Just recently went over the day ticket lake for a mid week session. Even though Tues 3rd June was raining, I still went. As they say, “Better to be on a lake in any conditions than at work.”

In this session to I managed two twenties and loads of upper doubles - had a busy night in the rain.

Alan's fish
15 lb
and 4 fish between 12 and 14 lb

My friend with me had 3 fish between 10-14 lb.

So, I would definitely recommend people to fish in the rain because as it stops the fish here go mental. And definitely mid week is good as we had the lake to ourselves.



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