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Bayeswater Fishing Rules

Sep 06,2006





1, The main gate must be locked and the bar put over every time, the farmer has correctly complained about this several times.  The only time not to lock it is if both gates are fully open and wedged open when they are obviously in use for farm vehicles.  Do not leave the gate open for other anglers or guests to come in.


2, There are several signs regards the power lines running across our site, please abide by these, i.e. set up on the swims and not on top of the bank on pegs 1, 2 and 3 on the syndicate.  No fishing in between pegs 8 and 9 on the day ticket lake etc.


3, No fish to be removed from the fishery or transferred into the fishery.

4, All anglers must use a suitable landing net and unhooking mat, for all species.

5, Swims must be kept tidy at all times.

6, Your fishing zone is halfway between you and the next angler, left and right and half way across if applicable.

7, All litter to be removed from the premises, every last bit.  Do not put in the trailer near the car park.

8, No child under the age of 16 years is allowed to fish without adult supervision.

9, No fires.

10, No barbecues.

11, No noise nuisance, radios etc, radios to be turned down low.

12, No unsociable or disruptive behaviour.

13, No dogs, as we share the lake with a shooting syndicate.

14, No vegetation to be cut back, especially reeds and trees.

15, No trespassing in surrounding farmland or woods.

16, All anglers must be in possession of a valid national rod-fishing license.

17, Proof will be required for concessions. I.e. juniors disabled and OAP’s.

18, All vehicles must not exceed 10 mph throughout the estate.

19, All vehicles to be parked only in the fishing car park or on the track as close to the car park as an overflow if the car park is full.

20, Strictly no vehicles on any grass, keep to the track and car park. Parked or driven. No driving to swims on either lake

21, All vehicle activity to be kept to a minimum after 10 pm.


22, There have been two instances of people shitting on the side of the lake, we will not tolerate this at all.  This is not allowed, use the toilet provided or a bucket and thick plastic bag and take it home with you. 


Fish care


1, Please handle all fish as little as possible.


2, If there is another angler near you ask for assistance, 2 pairs of hands are better than one.


3, As you land a fish have a look at it in the net and make your mind up if you want a picture.  If you do leave it in the net in the water so it can have a breather and make sure everything is ready before bringing it onto the bank, ask your friend or neighbour to help look after the fish and take the pictures.


4, Make sure the un-hooking mat is wet and on even ground, also wet your weigh sling and zero your scales ready.  Check your camera has good batteries and everything is ready for the fish.


5, Carry the fish as carefully as possible, checking all fins are tucked in nice to the un-hooking mat, un-hook the fish and lift it out of the net, always over the un-hooking mat and get the landing net out of the way.  Mesh is more abrasive to the fish and protective slime than waterproof solid cloth or material.  I really don’t like the sling retainer; half mesh half cloth things and prefer to see them weighed in cloth only slings. 


6, Take your pictures, have a quick look on the camera to see you have some good ones and then place the fish in the weigh sling for weighing before returning the fish to the water, using the weigh sling to safely carry the fish.


7, This method gives the fish a breather after the fight, entails less handling (weighing a fish, then photographing the fish and then putting it back in the weigh sling is double handling) and in all means less time on the bank for the fish.


8, If you see any cuts, or sores on any fish please treat the area with a good ointment type product, we prefer Nash Medicarp as it creates a protective seal over the wound to keep out further infection and reduce the spread of infection to other fish.


9, If you haven’t got any fish care products please look into purchasing some, every fish you catch other people would like to catch in perfect condition.


Lots of anglers comment how nice our fish are, we look to you to keep it that way and we really appreciate your efforts with this.




Same rules as the day ticket lake in general with the addition of boat use.


1, No pulling for a break or excessive pressure on hooked and weeded fish, use a boat and get over the fish.  Our fish have good mouths and are in good nick, I don’t want them to end up like they do on other weedy waters.


2, Anglers need to have their own life jackets and oars


3, Life jacket must be worn at all times when using the boat, if this is not adhered to it is an offence that will lead to a ban, boat insurance is to easy to loose.


4, Boats must be returned to the appointed stakes and locked up after use.


5, Do not leave oars near the boats after use; we can not risk anyone that is not a member using the boats.


6, Members only are covered by insurance for boat use with life jackets worn, guests are not so no guests to use a boat under any circumstance.


7, All carp less than 20 pound to be put in the stock pond, all tench under 6 pound to be put into the day ticket lake or stock pond.


8, Set up on the swims and not on top of the bank on pegs 1, 2 and 3 on the syndicate due to close proximity of the live cables.


9, Only fish on the swims around the rest of the syndicate lake, no bivvy-ing up in between the assigned swims, you can put rods down the bank but your bivvy needs to be in the pegged swim.


10, Minimum breaking strain reel line is 15lb as there have been several fish losses leaving fish trailing line.  Please check your line and knots.


11, Lead core and leaders are allowed but if there is many more losses the individuals will be stopped from using them.

Random spot checks will be carried out 24 hours a day by the bailiffs. Any person found not abiding by the rules will be asked to leave and banned by the fishery.

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