Bayeswater is expanding this year with the addition of this beautiful little 3 acre farm reservoir.  Unlike the original Bayeswater lake Kings Court is a mature, tree lined res with reeds and even pads around the margins. 


Billericay angling were the former tenants and from what I can gather stocked it with roach, Rudd, tench and F1 hybrids. I've been told there already is some carp in there but we'll obviously be stocking more and intend to put around 40 young fish in there to grow on hopefully to create a much sought after special carp lake.


We've just sent a registration form to Cefas and will then apply for permission to have a cross section of the present species health checked.  Once we get to that stage we'll be netting it hard to remove as many small fish as possible to make it better to grow the future carp stock.


Apparently there's a good average size of tench and perch in there and we'll be keeping these for the foreseeable future but as many of the F1 hybrids, small tench, roach and Rudd will be going.


The lake will be run as a 25 man syndicate and we're looking to fill it from the Bayeswater syndicate waiting list.   I've already sold 5 tickets so if your on the waiting list and interested please contact us as soon as possible.  The ticket price will be £250 for the first year.  If any are unfortunate and don't get chance the first season we'll start a dedicated Kings Court waiting list.


The first season runs from now till April 2017 since there isn't any stocked carp in there yet.  However we intend to start stocking carp from around November this year and I'm hoping to stock several 20 pounders to just over 30 in the first instance so bearing in mind I've only ever stocked 4 carp in the Bayeswater syndicate over 20 pound with 2 of these reasonably recent this new syndicate will have a much better head start.


The lake itself is long and thin so will probably only have swims on one bank except at the widest part.  We recon there will be 8-9 swims with a few places to poke a single rod through.  We don't really know much about the topography of the lake but the widest end is around 14 foot so we assume the lake shallows of toward the thin end.  As we find out more we'll up date this.


We will share the lake with occasional campers who's camping area is at either end of the lake but other than that there should be very little disturbance. The only shooting on the site is with air guns and there is even a air gun shooting club on the farm with both indoor and outdoor ranges.


Other than the track down to the lake there isn't really much maintenance to catch up with on the lake although when the swims get busy they might need a bit of a look at.


That's it really for now, as we know more and get underway we'll update the information.  We'll be adding a Kings Court Reservoir gallery to the web site so keep an eye out.