I've just managed to obtain the fishing rights of an ex Billericay water, Kings Court Reservoir which I'll be running as a 25 man syndicate.  I've just added it to the web site with a few details of how I intend to run it.  Check it out.


I'm also likely to get hold of 2 small lakes in the Chelmsford area.  These lakes are both in the same field, ones about an acre and the other is a bit smaller.  Even though they are really close together they are both different.  One looks deep and has lots of features, bays, stalking spots and hiding holes whereas the other is more oval shaped but weedy, even in the early winter when we had a look round.  Both lakes only have 2-3 swims as such but will make really interesting close quarter stalking type lakes so if you like precision and stealth they should suit you. They both have or have had carp in them and I intend to develop them on as an exclusive 10-12 man syndicate covering both the lakes.  I will be stocking some reasonable size fish in them for the future but at the moment I'm still waiting for the paperwork to go through.  If your interested get in touch via the email address on the contact us page.


Then there is the Fen Drayton complex.  Bernard Hunt and I have joined forces to create one club, Fen Drayton Angling.  This covers the famous Fen Drayton (now called Drayton Fen), the huge Ferry Lagoon and the smallest of the lakes Swavesey. None of these lakes are for the faint hearted, they are all wild low stocked waters. Since the heavy spring floods of 3-4 years ago Drayton Fen and Ferry Lagoon have an even less known quantity and size fish in them.  Bernard and I have plans underway to stock more fish into them in the future but they will always be hard waters where you never know how big the next fish might be but regardless of size they will all be special.  Again more news will be available as and when we know more but if you are interested please email us.


That's it for now. We're hoping to get hold of other waters preferably to run as day ticket carp lakes.  If anyone knows of anywhere please get in touch.




Bayeswater team.